App Performance Optimization

At Codizy we build a unique solution
to help engineers
optimize PHP / MySQL applications.

What is it for?

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100% of applications have performances issues, slowdowns and downtimes.
Thanks to its exclusive algorithm, Codizy spots and fixes more than 90% of criticals issues in a few minutes.

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An 'all-in-one' solution for €99/month

What are the benefits of Codizy ?

Its didactical approach and its advices help improving development speed.
The system load improvement allows you to reduce the size of your base of equipments.
The detection and fix of slowdowns improve your performances.
Are your applications performing optimally ?

They love it

Sylvain Rutten, Network Manager

"Codizy is a unique tool in its capacity to simplify the work of developers, managers and system administrators. It allows us to guarantee optimal conditions for production."

Julien Foulquier, CTO

"The Codizy tool allowed us to gain precious development time by proposing a significant part of the optimizations that, until now, required the intervention of senior developers."

Kevin Kuipers, Co-founder

"Thanks to it's easy installation, the integration of Codizy in our PHP framework required less than 10 minutes and allowed us to go farther in the resolution of problems."